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Lady Krow – Her Journey, Her Story, Her Peace

Sharing is Caring
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69568_10203369514782577_908722253_nAfter fighting through a lifetime of battlefields, both conquered and defeated,  Lady Krow has emerged as an artist of music to share her journey, her story and her peace.


Coming from the White Mountain Apache Tribe, Lady Krow was born and raised on the reservation, living the life of a child with a loving family. Her childhood is filled with fond memories of her strong Catholic faith, traditional Apache ceremonies practiced and a diverse home life looking up to her homemaker ma and hard working pa. Her father is White Mountain Apache, while her mother is Spanish, and both are co-founders of famed Native American group Apache Spirit. Through cultural diversity both her “Ma and Pa” raised their family with love, faith, tradition and compassion for mankind.


At the early age of 15, Lady Krow was recruited by her father for Apache Spirit to sub for a missing band member on the drums. “I stood petrified as the roadies set-up the drum kit and I fumbled my way through the night accidentally earning myself the spot as Apache Spirit’s drummer. A few years later pa told me it was time to start singing, which started the struggle of overcoming fear again. Although I have to admit, that I don’t know what I’d be doing if I wasn’t a professional musician now,” recalled Lady Krow.


Over the years, Lady Krow has been honored to play with many musicians including her family’s Apache Spirit, Sneezy Boys, Keith Secola, Shotgun Riderz, Doo-Wah Riderz and many, many others. “I love the experience of performing with other artists. I am always honored to be invited to perform as I have been blessed by these experiences. I have always been the girl singing and dancing to music. Who doesn’t love music?  Music speaks differently to every person and for me I just love that music speaks!” stated Krow.


As a solo artist, Lady Krow has a huge amount of earned supporters. Her fascination with building personable relationships with everyone has branded her as an artist who can relate to supporters and friends, and as an artist who sings a story that people in turn relate to. Through her massive struggles in life and personal challenges Lady Krow uses prayer as her most important inspiration and guidance. She stated, “Over the past 5 years, I have really come to realize that I need to pray hard about what I do, as I do it, and I do this knowing that through prayer, my music will generate enlightenment, more prayer, inspiration and an undeniable energy and positivity that listeners can take home with them from the shows.”


Lady Krow, the artist, was a birthed concept in the mind of Rhoda J. Ethelbah~Ashley, the aspiring musician. In her thoughts, Lady Krow was a rockstar who easily grew in popularity via the never failing American Idol Syndrom tactic, and from that thought Lady Krow became an artist eventually appreciated for her underlying genius. “The American Idol Syndrome tactic is too easy, its a great beginning for lazy artists. I believed Lady Krow was a rockstar and everyone just ran with it. I had to face many demons to eventually discover that Lady Krow was not only a fallen drunken angel at times, but Lady Krow could also ascend and reform into a positive aspiration for anyone who ever lent me an ear.” added Krow.


As a well-branded grassroots artist Lady Krow not only takes the stage, but has developed her artistry into an artistry of diversification as a syndicated radio DJ, the co-founder of A Warrior’s Future, motivational speaker and a stellar event coordinator.


Reflecting on her success as a solo artist, Lady Krow uses life to relate to her audience and heals herself through music. “There are many Native artists who perform and create awareness about politics, natural injustices and reservation life.” For Lady Krow, her music is about “social issues from a personal standpoint,” meaning her own personal testimony. “Lady Krow has been a heavy alcoholic, was diagnosed as clinically depressed, has been self-conscious about not conforming to the physical expectations of men, has over-eaten, was a hussie, has been heart broken but most importantly has found faith in God and healed herself from many social issues that plague every being within tribal communities.”


“I am just an ordinary rez girl. I have been there, done that. However, I am still here standing, breathing, living, loving and I have overcome most social plagues. Its profound that I can share these experiences through my music. There is no better feeling, than to stand on stage and perform my music, knowing that so many people relate to my journey and stories on various levels. What others deem as “fans” I consider supporters. I hope that everyone who supports the music of Lady Krow recognizes that sharing the music has healed me, and in a big sense has saved me and their support has made me realize that peace, love, happiness & faith are just the grandest of all things!” said Krow.


As a performing artist, Lady Krow is a musician on a mission to share her journey and vivid battlefield stories and performs in casinos, night clubs, special events and throughout reservations in the Southwest. While each performance creates a memory, there is one venue that can be deemed the favorite Krow’s nest. Nestled in the heart of the White Mountains is the Timber’s Lounge in her people’s own Hon-Dah Casino. The Timber’s Lounge is Lady Krow’s favorite location of all time. “Timber’s Lounge is a special place and time when the White Mountain Apache Tribe, greater White Mountains area folk and AS/LK supporters of all genres & realms come together to show their love and support for our family legacy. I absolutely love it when supporters write requests of their favorite songs for us to perform, but was floored to see the songs I wrote as requests! I love every single supporter of Lady Krow, I either work really hard at, or just love this all so much that its easy to know them each personally!” she said.


“I love to love, I love to spread the good word and messages of peace, I love to inspire, I love listening and understanding, I love to pray, I love to laugh, I love to sing, I love to visit and I am just a young mountain, hippy rez chick in LOVE with life!” said Lady Krow.


In a world that focuses on wealth, politics, international crisis and corporate expansion, there is always one thing for sure, Lady Krow has lived an adventurous journey to say the least, and after surviving thus far, has healed her heart and life and has a story we can all relate to through powerful vocals and music performance.


Sharing is Caring
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