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Angie Andreas: Champion of the Court

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Angie Andreas is a member of the White Mountain Apache Tribe and the daughter of Anita and John Andreas.  Andreas is a senior at Valley Christian High School and an all-star on the basketball court as a four-year varsity member of the Lady Trojans.


In her final appearance on the court in her high school career, Andreas led the Lady Trojans to the 3A Girls State Championship, a dream and mission of hers that started as a young girl. On the journey to win her state championship, Andreas and the Lady Trojans were ranked #1 in their region for the past four years, were four-time Regional Champions, two-time state runner-up and along the way Andreas garnered more than 400 rebounds, 400 assists and 600 points.
“Winning a state title is a dream come true for me. Many years ago I watched my brother play at NAU losing to Coolidge, and from that moment I knew that all I wanted was to win a state title for my family and community. Ever since that moment I have worked very hard to make sure my health, mind and game are the best they could possibly be. I feel so blessed and I give all of the glory to God.,” said Andreas.


Andreas credits her success to the support she received from her older brother L.J. Andreas and dad John Andreas. Since third grade, Andreas’ father has entered her in tournaments, traveled and encouraged her as she developed her skill and technique. She said, “This is a special moment for my entire family, and I want to thank my dad for everything he has ever done to help get me to this point of my basketball career.”


“There are no words to describe how proud I am of Angie and her team. This is a special moment that I know they have all worked very hard to achieve. I hope that other young people recognize that effort, desire, and good sportsmanship is key to anyone’s success in any sport. Never give up on your dreams and never give up on your team, fight to the end and fight with pride,” said John Andreas.
After three years of attempting to bring home the state title to Valley Christian, Andreas and her teammates set the goal at the beginning of the season to make it back to the championship game and take care of business. Andreas believes that in their moment of winning the 2017 3A Girls Basketball State Championship, it was the teams victory, who worked together, trained together and supported each other throughout the season.

In her post-high school career, Andreas plans to attend Pima Community College and complete her general education studies and earn her bachelor’s degree. Valley Christian has been a huge part o
f Andreas’ life, and in the future her dream is to return to the school and give back through coaching and mentoring other youth.


Reflecting on her high school basketball career, Andreas said, “Basketball has been my passion. I am proud to be White Mountain Apache, and I hope that I bring pride to my community. I hope that others look at my journey as a high school athlete and find inspiration and realize that we can’t give up on our dreams and goals, no matter what challenges we face. We have to look at our challenges and draw strength from them and inspiration to keep reaching for our dreams.”


Sharing is Caring
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