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Cliff Castle Casino Under Construction

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Submitted By: Don Decker, YAN Public Relations/News


The 6 story hotel with 122 rooms is proceeding with a slight delay in the official opening which was originally scheduled for an opening this spring. Casino officials expect the new hotel to open in early July of this year.

From the very top of the hotel one can see clearly all the way to Cottonwood and Sedona. Construction workers are on every floor as large sheets of wallboard are piled here and there and plumbers are working in the bathrooms with craftsmen installing tiles and bathroom units. This is a very busy place.

A drop chute on the 3rd floor is diverted to a dumpster down below where some of the trash from construction is thrown out to be taken to the dump. On another floor, an elevator specialist is grinding metal to make adjustments for the elevator. Next to the elevator shaft is a fire escape that is encased with a fireproof concrete wall from the 1st floor to the top of the building.

All the windows are installed and the walls are ready for the plaster. There are adjoining rooms so that a large group can lodge closer to each other.

The whole building is fire proof and special fireboards installed as part of the interior walls for safety reasons.

This past December the Event Center located between the new 3-tier parking lot and the casino was completed. This plush center hosted a VIP dinner on December 30 and the New Year’s Eve party replete with a band and 450 people.

A tour was conducted on March 9 for the Nation’s newspaper and Camp Verde Bugle-Editor Bill Helm.

Red Wootan, Director of Gaming Operations, Rojelio Rubio, Director of Marketing and James Perry, Marketing Operations Manager of Cliff Castle Casino hosted the tour with Craig Specht, Construction superintendent, explaining the progress of work.

Mr. Wootan said that the Nation will keep the old hotel below the casino. “We will keep it as a remodel and bring it up to date,” he said but there are no timelines on that. Mr. Wootan further stated that the original opening in April was moved up due to heavy rains in December and January that prevented some construction to take place.

Mr. Wootan said that the focus is on the new hotel and building a “four-star hotel that will be attached to the casino”.

Mr. Perry shared the same sentiments about the new hotel.

“It’s going to be a high end hotel- we’re going to get a triple A–4 diamond designation,” he added.

Each suite will have special amenities such as the beds that are considered signature beds made for Dreamcatchers Hotel of Memphis that built the Graceland Hotel in Memphis recently.

Mr. Perry said the all of the rooms will have showers with rain heads, state of the art entertainment centers such as a large TV screen, USB ports on all the walls for easy access for electronics and  Keurig automatic coffee makers and  multi-faced clocks that can be easily seen from the sides of the clocks as well as the front.

A marque was added to the top of the hotel with the words ‘Cliff Castle Casino Hotel’ that will be lit at night which  will be seen from miles away.

According to earlier statements made by the hotel interior designer, anytime a casino is remodeled or adds new buildings to existing properties, business increases significantly.

Hence, the Nation began the new hotel project last year with the full blessings of the Nation’s council.

Photos by YAN News.

Sharing is Caring
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