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TEESTO, ARIZ – Before the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Teesto Chapter
House, Vice President Nez said the facility would bring healing to the community that lost their former chapter house to arson.

The vice president commended the Chapter for developing the new facility as a multipurpose building that integrates both youth and elderly programs.

“The Teesto Chapter worked very hard to get their new chapter house developed and soon to be built. The new facility will include youth, senior and wellness programs.” Vice President Nez said. “President Begaye and I want other chapters to look at Teesto’s facility as a model for development.”

The new facility will be constructed in the area of the former chapter house. The groundbreaking included addresses by local chapter officials, project-affiliated division officials and Navajo County Supervisor Jesse Thompson. The groundbreaking took place on Friday, March 10, 2017.

Teesto’s former chapter house burned due to arson in September 2014. The arson happened late at night and despite police and fire departments responses, the chapter house was lost to the fire.

The former chapter house hosted the Community Health Representative, the senior citizen center, the new meal program and served as a post office.

On Nov. 8, 2015, President Russell Begaye and Vice President Jonathan Nez traveled to Teesto to sign a 2.9 million dollar legislation to construct the new chapter facility.

Councilman Lee Jack Sr. said the project has been “a long time coming ever since the chapter burned down.” Councilman Jack Sr. thanked the involvement of OPVP, the Navajo Nation Council and Navajo Nation departments.

“It’s finally happening and the people are happy. It’s the beginning of a healing stage now,” he said.

Vice President Nez said the new chapter facility would be a symbol of the Teesto community moving forward.

“We broke ground for construction of the new Teesto Chapter House today. Thank you to our tribal council for approving the legislation and to President Begaye for signing it into law,” said Vice President Jonathan Nez. “It’s time that we heal from this tragedy.”

Sharing is Caring
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